Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, AOC Back Harvard/Yale Climate Change Protests

Those watching the college football game between Ivy League teams Harvard and Yale, a longtime rivalry, probably noticed their game was disrupted before the start of the third quarter by climate change activists.

The delay was fairly long as the climate activists stormed the field with several signs before they were eventually escorted away by a line of police officers—at which time several of the activists were in handcuffs.

USA Today reports:

Groups of students from both universities marched toward midfield at the Yale Bowl after the band had finished performing and as players were warming up for the start of the second half. One long banner carried by several students said both Yale and Harvard “are complicit in climate injustice.”

Protesters called for the two schools, longtime Ivy League rivals, to divest from fossil fuels and cancel their Puerto Rico debt holdings. Endowment holdings at Harvard and Yale are managed in part by fund managers and private equity firms invested in Puerto Rican debt.

Shortly after the disruptions surfaced on social media, they were quickly praised by Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The New York representative tweeted: “Activism disrupts the present to change the future.”

A couple of hours later, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders also backed the demonstrations.

“When people come together to stand up for justice, we win. Congratulations to the young people demanding a sustainable future for our planet,” he said.

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“We are with you in this fight,” Sanders added.

Fellow presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren similarly backed the protests much later in the evening in a tweet where she said she supports “the students, organizers, and activists demanding accountability on climate action and more at [the game].”

“Climate change is an existential threat and we must take bold action to fight this crisis,” she added.

The Yale Bulldogs ended up winning the contest in double overtime 50 to 43. The Bulldogs moved up to 9 -1 on the season. Harvard dropped to 4-6.

Twitchy reports several people online were annoyed by the protests and shared their frustrations with the top Democrats over social media: