Trump Stands Up To The Left, Says He’ll Never ‘Change The Name Of Thanksgiving’

President Trump is not going to cave to leftists who want to “cancel Thanksgiving” or change its name to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

Speaking to a crowd in Sunrise, Florida on Tuesday, Trump directly addressed the ongoing debate and said he’s not changing the name of the holiday.

“Some people want to change the name Thanksgiving,” Trump told the crowd. “They don’t want to use the term ‘Thanksgiving.’ That was true also with Christmas.”

“People have different ideas. But why it shouldn’t be called Thanksgiving? Everybody in this room, I know, loves the name Thanksgiving. And we’re not changing it,” he added.

Liberals have casually discussed changing the name for years as they seek to usher in more “politically correct,” inclusive terms for the holidays. It has been suggested to change Christmas to Winter Solstice Day or another name which would not have a Christian connotation — hence the use of “Happy Holidays” instead of saying “Merry Christmas.”

Liberals have mentioned changing Thanksgiving, too, to recognize the origins of Native Americans and their role in helping early Europeans settle in what is now America.

BizPac Review reports the change was most recently pitched in a Huffington Post article where a blogger encouraged people to change their typical Thanksgiving traditions.

From the report:

A leftist blogger urged Americans to not eat turkey or use airplanes to travel (to visit their families) because of the potential impact this could have on “climate change.”

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The suggestion bombed — even with virtue-signaling Huffington Post fans. The tweet promoting the anti-Thanksgiving blog post got only 33 retweets even though PuffHo’s Twitter account boasts 11.5 MILLION followers.

However, the PuffHo tweet was barraged with over 1,200 responses trashing the inane suggestion.

According to the report, Trump told the Florida crowd that they and other Americans “have so much to be thankful for” this holiday season.

“The economy is booming. Wages are rising,” Trump said. “Crime is falling. Poverty is plummeting. Confidence is soaring. And America is stronger than ever before.”

“Our veterans for the first time are being taken care of to a level that has never happened in our country,” he continued. “We are rebuilding the awesome power of the United States military.”


President Trump also defended his decision to pardon two Army veterans and reverse the demotion of a Navy SEAL who was prosecuted for killing an ISIS terrorist.

Trump explained:  “We gave a pardon because we’re going to take care of our warriors. I will always stick up for our great fighters. [Leftist morons] can sit there in air-conditioned offices and complain, but that doesn’t matter to me whatsoever.”

President Trump also took aim at the “radical-Left Democrats who are trying to rip our nation apart. First, it was the Russia hoax. It was a failed overthrow attempt and the biggest fraud in the history of our country.”

The president said, “With your help, we’re going to complete the mission and drain the swamp. On Election Day 2020, the crazy Democrats are going down in a landslide!”