Rand Paul Exposes Bizarre Federal Spending: Coked-up Quails, Junkie Monkeys

Republican Senator Rand Paul published his newest edition of The Waste Report, which exposes another litany of federal government expenses which he constitutes wasteful.

“Once again, The Waste Report takes a closer look at just some of what the federal government is doing with the American people’s hard-earned money, this time including stories of it continuing to turn over so many taxpayer dollars to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, funding research that involves hooking Zebrafish on nicotine, buying textbooks for Afghan students that are subpar or sitting in warehouses, and more in a list that totals over $230 million,” Paul wrote in the report’s introduction, per his website.

Anthony Bellotti, White Coat Waste Project president, described the report in a press release as “one of the best ways taxpayers can learn about egregious government waste that’s ballooned the national debt to a historic $23 trillion.”

“Between nicotine-addicted fish, coked-up quails, and as we recently exposed, junkie monkeys, Uncle Sam is clearly addicted to spending, and we’re all paying the price,” he added.

The report details $153 million spent on the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority alone.

In additions, the U.S. government has paid:

$300,000 to fund debate and model United Nations competitions in Afghanistan,

$708,466 to fund research on how to get a Zebrafish addicted to nicotine,

$84,375 for a Bob Dylan statue for the Mozambique embassy,

$4,658,865 to study how drinking too much alcohol causes an individual to wind up in an emergency room,

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$16,000,000 to better Egyptian schools,

$33,921,175 for textbooks to students in Afghanistan, and;

$22,000,000 for Serbian cheese.

Check out the full report below:

Conservative pundit Brad Polumbo, via a Washington Examiner op-ed, writes:

Of course, critics will note that a few hundred million dollars are, compared to the massive federal budget, just a drop in the bucket. They’re not wrong — although what does that say about the god-awful size of our government? Yet Paul’s report isn’t identifying all the exhaustive examples and ways in which the government wastes our money, as that’s a task that would take a lifetime to fulfill. It’s merely highlighting a few prominent examples of woeful mismanagement, to remind us that the federal government is a terrible steward of taxpayer funds.

In a time when Democratic presidential candidates such as Sen. Bernie Sanders are saying that “billionaires shouldn’t exist” and pushing massive big-government programs, it’s an absolutely crucial message to remember. When Democrats advocate for higher taxes and more spending, what they’re really saying is that they think the government knows better than you how to spend your money best.

If this report shows us anything, it’s that the government only knows better than you if you want money wasted on Serbian cheese or nicotine-addicted fish.