Republicans Say Trump Is Better President Than Abraham Lincoln In New Poll

A majority of Republican voters now think that Donald Trump is a “better president” than Abraham Lincoln, according to a new poll.

The Economist and YouGov polled 1,500 American adults, asking them to compare President Trump with some of his predecessors.

The Washington Examiner reports that among Republicans, Trump beats Lincoln with 53 percent of the vote. This same comparison among Democrats and Independents fell the way of Lincoln with 94 percent and 78 percent respectively.

No other demographic placed Trump over or even remotely close to beating Lincoln. The poll was separated by gender, age, race, party identification, family income, region, voter status, voting history, and political ideology.

While Trump may have won the head-to-head with individuals who identify as Republicans, he lost big among those who were actually registered to vote. A vast majority registered Republican voters (74 percent) sided with the Civil War-era president over the current man in the White house.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Republican adults were the only segment polled that considered Trump to be a better president than Lincoln.

Researchers conducted the poll days after House Democrats wrapped up the first round of public hearings in the impeachment proceedings into Trump. Democrats may decide to conduct more hearings after Thanksgiving or pass impeachment articles against the president, which would lead to a trial in the Senate.

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