‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’: People Mock Joe Biden For Awkward Moment During Campaign Rally

During a campaign rally in Iowa, former Vice President Joe Biden playfully put his wife’s finger in his mouth on-stage, in front of the entire crowd.

The incident occurred when Jill Biden was introducing her husband to the crowd and gestured over to her husband, who was standing behind her and to the right. She motioned her hand towards him, nearly and accidentally hitting him when he then briefly put her hand in his mouth. The Washington Examiner reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden began his “No Malarkey!” series of campaign stops in Iowa with a strange, awkward gesture toward his wife, Dr. Jill Biden.

On stage in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Saturday, attempting to regain steam in his deflated campaign momentum, Biden, 77, caught the attention of the internet when he suddenly bit his wife’s fingertips as she was introducing him on stage. As Biden excitedly gestured toward her husband, he leaned over and playfully nibbled the tips of her fingers. Onlookers and press quickly shared images and videos of the event on social media, eliciting 100s of responses across the political spectrum, many wondering just what Biden was thinking.

Here are pictures and even a video of the incident:

The moment quickly went viral and Biden’s particularity became the newest meme sensation:

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