READ: House Judiciary Committee Releases 169-Page Report Alleging Trump Committed ‘Multiple Federal Crimes’

The House Judiciary Committee released a 169-page report alleging that President Trump was guilty of “multiple federal crimes” including criminal bribery and wire fraud.

The report comes as the House is set to vote to impeach Trump later this week. This vote is expected to pass by the Democratic majority, making Trump the fourth U.S. president to face impeachment and potentially the third to actually be impeached.

“Although President Trump’s actions need not rise to the level of a criminal violation to justify impeachment, his conduct here was criminal,” Democrats on the committee argued, per Politico. In the report, they also labeled Trump’s behavior “both constitutional and criminal in character” and claim he should be impeached as he “betrayed the people of this nation.”

“The Framers were not fools,” Democrats continued in their assessment. “They authorized impeachment for a reason, and that reason would have been gutted if impeachment were limited to crimes. President Trump has made it clear that he believes he is free to use his presidential powers the same way, to the same ends, whenever and wherever he pleases.”

Here’s more, from Politico:

The panel’s report, which comes on the heels of a House Intelligence Committee-led investigation that formed the basis of the articles of impeachment, contends that Trump’s most acute abuse of his power occurred during a July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, when Trump asked his counterpart to launch investigations targeting former Vice President Joe Biden and other Democrats.

The report also notes that Trump ordered a freeze of $391 million in military aid to Ukraine over the objections of advisers at the State Department, Pentagon and National Security Council, which he only lifted after Democrats began investigating the matter.

Democrats argue that Trump crossed the threshold into criminal behavior with his posture toward Zelensky, writing in the report that his request for the announcement of politically motivated investigations constituted the solicitation of a bribe under federal law.

Read the full 169-page report here: House Judiciary Committee Report on President Trump’s Impeachment


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