‘Never Been Higher’: Stock Market Hits HISTORIC High Under Trump

Is President Trump’s handling of the economy unmatched?

During Trump’s first year as president, the Stock Market hit a historic high…

…and then it did it again…

…and again…

…and again, 133 times in just three years!

How’s the Stock Market looking now? Another record high, the Washington Examiner reports.

From the report:

The stock market has never been higher than it has been under President Trump.

Stocks reached a record high on Monday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose above 28,322 to begin the week, marking a 10,000-point gain since Election Day in 2016.

In 2019, markets looked shaky at the end of quarter two before rebounding more than 11% from August lows. Gains have been sustained by the passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal and positive trade talks with China.

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Tired of winning yet?

President Trump celebrated the never seen before figures in a pair of tweets on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

“New Stock Market high! I will never get bored of telling you that – and we will never get tired of winning!” he tweeted.

“The Stock Market hit another Record High yesterday, number 133 in less than three years as your all-time favorite President, and the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, want to impeach me. Don’t worry, I have done nothing wrong. Actually, they have!” the president added on Tuesday.

Fox Business reports: “The stock market has been unstoppable under the influence of President Trump.”

According to Allianz economic adviser Mohamed El-Arian, who spoke with Fox Business, several of Trump’s policies and initiatives have contributed to the market’s most recent growth.

“The rally has been driven by pro-growth measures, de-escalation of trade tensions, huge liquidity injections by central banks and a FOMO approach by investors worried about missing out on a remarkable U.S. market outperformance that has set one record high after the other,” he said.

Fox Business adds:

The gains show why U.S. markets have become the envy of the world under Trump, who has followed through on his promises of cutting taxes and regulations and rewriting global trade deals in America’s favor.

U.S. investors’ holdings have benefited from Trump’s pro-business agenda. He has lowered income tax rates for individuals, cut corporate taxes and rolled back a number of regulations, including restrictions on the country’s biggest banks.

Trump also negotiated the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which overhauls the Clinton-era North American Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as NAFTA, and has embarked on a nearly 21-month-long trade war against China, which he says has “been taking advantage” of the U.S. for years.