WATCH: Democrat Is Forced To Defend Impeachment At Rally In Her District, Does Not Go Well

Democrat Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin recently announced that she would be backing the partisan impeachment effort against President Trump.

The problem for Slotkin is that she represents a district that President Trump won big in 2016.

Many of the very people Slotkin claims to represent do not want her to impeach the president, something they made very clear during a rally on Monday.

During the rally, Slotkin addressed her reasoning behind the decision and said she will continue to support impeachment despite any political consequence.

When she tried to defend her position on impeachment, however, those in attendance began shouting her down.

In response, the Democrat commented, “Ok, I’m just going to continue, because I’ve got the mic.”

Take a look:



Slotkin is one of 31 Democrats who represent districts that Trump won in his 2016 election.

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