Trump Campaign Flexes Massive Campaign Haul Amid Impeachment Vote

House Democrats may have been the ones taking the victory lap on Wednesday night after they voted to impeach President Trump, but the president may have been the real winner of the night.

As the Daily Caller reports, the Trump campaign announced it raised $5 million on Wednesday.

“Incredible fundraising numbers!” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted, adding the president “has raised over 5M dollars (still growing) today as Americans use their wallet to show support against @SpeakerPelosi’s impeachment hoax!”

Trump campaign Director of Communications Tim Murtaugh similarly tweeted, “$5 Million raised today (so far) in small dollars.”

The Daily Caller adds:

The House voted on two articles of impeachment — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The House voted 230-197 on the first article, with Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard voting “present,” and 229-198 on the second article. No Republicans voted for the impeachment of Trump.

Trump is apparently using the Democrats’ vote to buttress his presidential campaign. Parscale made a similar claim Sunday, telling his Twitter followers the campaign raked in roughly $10 million in one week as Democrats were pursuing impeachment charges against the president.

The president is also feeling some wind at his back even as Democrats close in.

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His job approval rating is at 45%, while Americans remain divided over whether he should be impeached, according to a Gallup poll published Wednesday.

More than 50% oppose impeachment and removal, an increase of five percentage points, according to the poll.

Murtaugh argued on Thursday morning that impeachment was backfiring on Democrats, tweeting that the only bipartisan vote through the entire impeachment process was against it.

“Pretty big moment in history. Here are pictures I took of @kayleighmcenany informing the President last night that all Republicans stood against the sham impeachment,” he said. “And three Dems voted against it, meaning the only bipartisan aspect of the whole scheme was in the opposition.”