She’s Kidding… Right? Newly-Elected Speaker Pelosi Said She’s Equal To Trump

Newly-elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have gone on a bit of a power trip once handed the gavel as she now claims to be equal in authority and power to President Trump.

Anyone with basic civics level knows this not to be the case, but it seems Pelosi has confused some constitutional details.

When asked whether she considers herself equal to Trump, the Hill reports Pelosi answered, “The Constitution does.”

The Hill adds:

Pelosi’s position as Speaker makes her the second in line for the presidency should something happen to Trump, after Vice President Pence, according to the Constitution.

The House on Thursday elected Pelosi as Speaker for the second time in 12 years, a historic return to power for the nation’s first female Speaker. Pelosi’s reelection made her the first lawmaker to become Speaker in nonconsecutive Congresses since 1955.

The new responsibilities granted to Pelosi under the speakership do not make her an equal to the president, many people online pointed out as Twitchy reported.

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