BREAKING: At Least 3 Dead, 4 Injured In California Shooting

A late-Friday night bowling excursion in California has reportedly turned into a deadly shooting incident where at least three people have been killed and four others were injured.

Associated Press reports the cause of the dispute is not yet know and the victims were all males:

Multiple victims were found with gunshot wounds inside Gable House Bowl, which is described on its website as a gaming venue that offers bowling, laser tag and an arcade.

Police said three men died at the scene and four male victims were injured, two of whom were transported to a hospital for unknown injuries. The other two injured sought their own medical attention.

Authorities have not released details about what led to the shooting, but witnesses said it stemmed from a fight between two large groups of people at the bowling alley.

Wes Hamad, a 29-year-old Torrance resident, was at the bowling alley with his 13-year-old niece and cousin when he saw a “huge fight” break out. Hamad said the brawl, which lasted about five minutes, blocked the entrance of Gable House Bowl and devolved into “complete chaos.”

California Senator Kamala Harris responded to the shooting incident on social media in a call for doing more to prevent gun violence.

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“My heart breaks for the victims of the shooting in Torrance and their loved ones. Thank you to the law enforcement & first responders on the scene. We must do more to address gun violence. Americans should be able to go to a bowling alley and be safe,” Harris wrote.

The Los Angeles Times added:

The shooting, which was apparently preceded by a fight, was reported at 11:54 p.m. at Gable House Bowl on Hawthorne Boulevard, near Sepulveda.

Officers arriving at the bowling alley discovered multiple people with gunshot wounds and began life-saving treatment. Three men died at the scene. Two injured males were taken to a hospital, and two others opted to seek medical attention on their own.

Officers were trying to identify the gunman or gunmen. No arrests were reported.


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