Former Obama Border Patrol Chief RIPS Democrat Talking Points…With FACTS On Border

Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to the border, former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan said during a segment with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

As Fox News Insider reports, during a Monday segment with Carlson, the former Obama-era Border Patrol chief said that walls “absolutely work” and that “the president is right” in saying there is a need for increased border security and a wall.

“That’s based on historical data and facts that can be proven,” Morgan added.

“I cannot think of a legitimate argument why anyone would not support the wall as part of a multi-layered border security issue,” he continued per the report.

“Why aren’t we listening to the experts and the people who do it every day? I don’t understand that,” Morgan said in the face of Democratic talking points which say a wall would not work and there is no ongoing crisis.

As BizPac Review reports, Morgan was invited back on with Carlson during a segment on Wednesday where he continued his argument for a border wall and increased security measures:

In a scathing rebuke on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight Wednesday evening, the former Obama administration official said there’s nothing “manufactured” about the hordes of criminals streaming across the border, or about the countless men and women who’ve died trying to defend the border.

Morgan began by saying anyone who calls the border crises “manufactured” is either misinformed or misleading the American people.

“Before I was even chief of Border Patrol, I served on the FBI for two decades,” Morgan said to Carlson, as the Daily Wire reports. “One of my assignments was I led the El Paso office. From my office right on the border, I could see Juarez. Every day, Tucker, we worked the DEA and all components of DHS. And we worked human trafficking cases, we worked drug cases, and we worked drug and gang cases, all impacting the southern border.”

“And then as chief, every single day, Tucker, I was briefed every single day about the men and women who are risking their lives every day and they’re apprehending murderers, rapists, pedophiles, other violent offenders, and gang members,” Morgan added. “That is not manufactured, that is real, and that’s a fact and it’s still happening today.”

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“One last point is 127 border patrol agents have died. They didn’t die playing Monopoly. They died being the front-line defenders of our borders and trying to apprehend the 17,000 people that Secretary Nielsen mentioned. I wonder if they asked their families if this is a manufactured crisis,” Morgan said in a blistering rebuke of Democrats, per BizPac Review.

“Go to the [real] experts that are really working that,” Morgan said in the Wednesday segment. “I’ll say, the president has done that. The president is talking to the leadership of CBP and the Border Patrol and the rank and the file. And those are the experts, and they’re saying the wall works.”

Here’s more, from BizPac Review:

Following Morgan’s statement, Carlson questioned him about some of the dubious “fact-checks” that the media published after President Donald Trump delivered a speech from the Oval Office on Tuesday regarding both the ongoing government shutdown and the ongoing border crisis.

One “fact-check” reportedly claimed that drugs aren’t entering the country via the southern U.S. border. They’re only entering the country via valid ports of entry.

“Again ah, a complete disingenuous statement,” Morgan said. “So you want say, because more drugs enter the points of entry, therefore it’s not a problem in-between the ports. That’s just fictitious.”

He added that while it’s true more drugs do enter the country via valid ports of entry, that doesn’t negate the millions and millions of pounds of drugs that enter via the border.

As Law And Crime reports, Morgan previously testified to a Senate committee, during his time in the Obama administration, that there was a need for increased border security.

“Do we need more fencing? Yes. Does it work? Yes. Do we need it everywhere? No. Is it the sole answer? No,” Morgan said in 2016, per the report.

“It would be like having a high-tech security system, but not having doors or windows in your house,” Morgan continued in his testimony.