Palin: Rejection is Protection

Connecting Dots: McCain/Palin Campaign + Trump/Russian Collusion = Paul Manafort, plus politicos still operating in politics of personal destruction.

First, Washington DC’s circus is not about me, and I’m no “victim” but I offer myself up as evidence of the Swamp’s efforts to do whatever it takes to stay in power. Listen here to Dan Bongino, the 15:00 min mark explains part of a sordid connection that’s put America in this bizarre place of nonsense and disunity.

After being thrown under the bus for “going rogue” in the 2008 presidential campaign for refusing to go along with unethical McCain Campaign characters, the media never told the truth about the failed operation nor its operators. Media was bombarded with lies, my family and I were bombarded with perpetual hits – including bogus ethics violations and ridiculous lawsuits – all resulting in fake news that grossly mischaracterized us and my record.

Eight years later, some of the same warped ‘08 uni-partiers who’d engaged in the politics of personal destruction latched on to Donald Trump’s candidacy. To America’s detriment, they still whisper in his ear.

It’s quite disappointing to watch.

See, after months of requesting it, candidate Trump received my early endorsement because I knew he was the only one who would shake it up, could win, and would continue to shake up what needs shaking once in office.

However, after getting the tar beat out of me (like so many of you, too!) for campaigning for candidate Trump, the “thank you” I got from the old guard who hopped on the Trump Train and buzz-fed him BS, included my dis-invitations from election night celebrations, the 2016 GOP Convention, the inauguration, and being passed over for any and all administration jobs or appointments. Others were treated the same.

The shunning would have been sharply felt had I not learned long ago that rejection is protection, and there are providential reasons for everything. I also know politics is a sucky, dirty business that needs ethical people who’ll serve for the right reasons so they must hang in there for America’s sake.

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Which is where I am.

Hang in there with me, friends. Truth will prevail; dots will be connected; time will come when the door is opened to serve and be heard.

– Sarah Palin