X-Rated Sinema : Democrat Mob Mentality Moves To Censor Freshman Senator

This year, the hit HBO series The Sopranos is celebrating its twentieth anniversary of launching. If you miss Tony Soprano like I do, don’t worry, there’s a new mob boss on the scene. She’s just like Tony too, except for the likability, believability, respect, and humor. So, actually, she’s nothing like New Jersey’s favorite don at all, except maybe in her delusional brain. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) is more of a typical liberal Democrat nowadays. She talks tough but does nothing for the betterment of America. You know, dress like me, think like me, and do what we say, or else.

During President Trump’s home run of a State of the Union speech this week, Rosen was caught on tape saying something to one of her colleagues that really sums up the sad state of today’s Democrat party. Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) cheered and applauded after Trump delivered this significant line: “And to give critically ill patients access to lifesaving cures, we passed, very importantly, Right to Try.”

Sinema stood and clapped, while her fellow Democrats sat there stone-faced. Unlike most Democrats, Senator Sinema seems to support making things easier for patients who want to seek out potentially life-saving treatments. Unlike Pelosi and pals, Sinema doesn’t seem to view death as the first and most necessary solution to sickness. She should be applauded.

Instead, she was met with this:

It certainly appears Rosen tells Sinema to “Watch Your Ass”. After watching the video clip again and again, it’s difficult to come up with any other conclusion. It sure looks like Rosen said “Watch Your Ass” to Sinema meaning either, at worst, ‘How dare you clap for that man. We are Democrats and we don’t do that.’ or at best, ‘Look, I like you, but don’t do that because the party bosses will eat you alive’. Either way, we are dealing with insanity here. Liberal logic on steroids if you will.

What exactly is Senator Sinema having to watch her ass from? Democrat backlash we can, no pun intended, assume. But for what? For having a mind of her own? She is applauding a program that she believes in, even if President Trump does too. For wearing hot pink? Sinema dressed like a normal person unlike her Democrat colleagues. Most of the Dem women donned white during the speech. They looked like the Klan, Colonel Sanders, ice cream men, asylum inmates, and cult members all rolled into one. Sinema thought for herself in appearance and action. Definite no-nos if you want to be rubbing elbows with the socialist wing of the Democrat party.

While many of the elected officials wearing white, lean socialist, their dress and behavior screams communist. Sinema was called out for simply doing her job. She was told to behave for attempting to be an actual public servant. Sinema was talked down to for trying to improve her state of Arizona and her country as a whole. That’s wholly un-American.

As Democrats have proven in recent weeks they are not necessarily against a wall to help curb illegal immigration, they are just against Trump. Countless members of the House and Senate have voted for more money than Trump is asking for to fund a barrier in the past. These pols are not honest. They are nothing but petulant phonies who will just say no to anything Trumpian.

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Sinema has a chance to play the role of a genuine centrist. She could be to Trump what O’Neill was to Reagan or what Gingrich was to Clinton. Real bipartisanship in Washington is long overdue.

Just as she didn’t back down during Trump’s remarks, instead keeping the clap going after Rosen’s crass, again no pun intended, comment, Sinema later listed a litany of things she believes Democrats and Republicans could and should be able to work on together.

Sinema tweeted after the State of the Union address:


There’s no reason why members of both parties can’t have success on businesses, jobs, and trade. And also on health policies like the one President Trump mentioned in his speech that was met with such enthusiasm from Sinema.

Instead, any push back against the Democrat machine will be met with disdain. Those who donned the white on Tuesday said they wanted to show solidarity with the women’s suffrage movement. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin exposed them for what they really are and gave everyone a history lesson in the process:

Palin has never shied-away from speaking her mind. You can say Sinema’s recent stance during the State of the Union address was very Palinesque. That’s the kind of independent thinking we need in Washington.

A lot of diabolical things are AOK in Democrat circles. Wearing racist blackface, sexually assaulting women, even the promotion of infanticide have a place in the Land of the White Coats. But if you dare go against the Democrat mob, if you dare have a mind of your own, if you dare speak out, if you dare support President Trump on anything, and if you ever dare strive for bipartisanship in an effort to better the lives of Americans, you better watch your ass.


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