Exclusive: Rebel Yell! Men Behind KAG Jacket Stand Up For Trump, ‘Smart Gays’ While Standing Up To Liberals, ‘Mean Girl Gays’

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Ricky Rebel has a new album out called “The New Alpha”. That’s a fitting title since the performer made quite a splash recently, for wearing an outfit that supports the ultimate alpha male, President Donald J. Trump.

The popular singer and dancer took a powerful political stand on the red carpet at the Grammys on Sunday night when he donned an amazing Keep America Great jacket in support of President Trump. The reversible suit jacket is high fashion and glammed up on one side, while serving as a wearable campaign flag, calling to Keep America Great on the other.

Rebel’s duds shouldn’t surprise you once you discover who made the get up. The same man who stole headlines in 2016 with his unforgettable Make America Great Again dress, designed the bold jacket. Andre Soriano is proud of his latest patriotic creation. “We are a reflection of the people of this great nation and we wanted to show our support of our great President Donald J. Trump,” Soriano told Sarah Palin dot com. “He should be in office forever, quite frankly.”

Soriano got the idea for the KAG jacket about nine months ago after he heard that Rebel would be attending the Grammys. “Ricky loves this country as much as I do and he really wanted to come out,” Soriano said. When he says ‘come out’, yes, Soriano means ‘out of the closet’. But no, nothing to do with anyone’s sexuality, rather the dreaded ‘Trump closet’.

Ricky Rebel has had quite the career. The dynamic entertainer was discovered by Michael Jackson and later signed with the King of Pop’s record label. Rebel was the frontman for the band No Authority. The group opened up for Aaron Carter and then, the big break happened. Rebel and friends toured with pop sensation Britney Spears. At the time, Rebel thought he had reached the mountain top. “It was the most exciting moment of my life,” said Rebel. “Until this moment.”

The attention heaped on Rebel has been fierce in recent days. Sure, the lamestream media have ignored the whole thing, too busy covering cow farts we can assume, but otherwise, the white-hot spotlight has been squarely on Rebel. He welcomes it because he knows that means people aren’t just talking about him, but about Trump as well.

“I support him because he wanted jobs, jobs, jobs, and to take back the money that’s been stolen from us by other countries,” Rebel said about the 45th U.S. President. “As a dancer, singer, and performer, I love to hire people. We are depressed as human beings when we are not working. That’s why there’s a huge drug epidemic. People wanted to escape reality when they lost jobs under Obama.”

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That is not the case under Trump, and Rebel has noticed big time. “We have a record low unemployment for blacks, Latinos, and Asians,” Rebel said. “It’s extraordinary. At the end of the day though, Trump wants to keep us safe, that’s the number one reason I support him.”

His support took center stage on one of the world’s biggest stages. Rebel’s fashion choice has sent a loud and clear message to the masses. “The jacket has a magical power,” Rebel said. “Andre Soriano is a genius. He knows how to get people talking. My life now is B.G. and A.G., Before Grammys and After Grammys. It’s changed. It’s definitely changed. But now we are changing minds in a good way.”

As expected, whenever someone in the entertainment biz dares to go against the Hollywood liberal elite, the backlash is swift and nasty. “Few are like Andre,” Rebel said. “He has stuck with me and Trump from the start. Others are fakers, fake people. They say things like ‘I used to be friends with Ricky but now I can’t because he’s for Trump’. Girl, you never did anything for my career, you never did anything for me and now you’re trying to get a little bit of buzz. No thanks. Bye Felicia.”

People turning on friends when they find out they’re for Trump is shocking but not surprising. “It’s sad, the Trump hate,” said Rebel. “I’ve gotten ninety-five percent positive responses, support, and love. People saying I helped them come out of the (Trump) closet and be open about who they support. I think everybody should be able to vote for whoever they want. The most hatred I got has come from gays. There are however gays that have been supportive even if they disagree with me. They support my freedom of speech. Those are what I call ‘smart gays’. The ‘mean girl gays’ say you can’t sit with us. Girl, I didn’t want to sit with you in the first place.”

While both Rebel and Soriano are openly gay, constantly fighting the hate thrown at them for standing up to the liberal gang mentality, Soriano also speaks from the perspective of a citizen who was not born in America.

“I came here when I was fifteen,” Soriano said. “The U.S. has given me and my family such opportunity and we came the legal way. I’m so dumbfounded with the lack of love. These people that want open borders, they don’t like security and safety for our great nation. They don’t want the border wall. Well, this isn’t Donald Trump’s wall. This is for the American people.”

Like Rebel, Soriano is a security wonk. Without safety, we have no America.

“I was in Washington with Angel Moms and thought how can you not be for a secure nation,” Soriano said. “So many in Hollywood, straight, gay, whatever, are harborers of hate. They are all about division. Not Ricky and I . We love our country. We are campaigning for him (Trump) for reelection already.”

The two highly talented men agree on another thing wholeheartedly. President Trump is not anti-gay.

“Absolutely not,” said Soriano. “We already supported the LGBTQRSTUV community a long time ago. Notice CNN and MSNBC have ignored the jacket story. Media are so biased because they hate our great president, and the LGBT community has been given this false information. They’ve been brainwashed under Obama.”

The proof of Trump’s support for gay Americans is vast and strong.

“Donald Trump wants to end AIDS,” Rebel told Sarah Palin dot com. “Period. We’re done with the conversation. He is fighting hard against the disease that has massacred gays. They should be grateful for Trump. That’s a big deal. I don’t agree with everything Trump says, but that doesn’t mean I can’t support him.”

While on the red carpet decked out in his Soriano creation, paparazzi yelled things at Rebel like ‘Trump hates gays’. Rebel shot back with an emphatic “He wants to end AIDS!” Crickets followed.

“The LGBT community groups everyone in, saying you have to all think the same,” Rebel said. “That’s pathetic. Look at the transgendered military situation. People point at Trump. He’s listening to experienced generals. Plus, being gay and being transgendered is a night and day thing.”

As expected, most of Hollywood has been silent on the boldness of Soriano and Rebel, but not all celebrities are hiding. One vampire slayer sank her teeth right into this story. “Kristy Swanson is a dear friend of mine and Andre’s,” Rebel said. “She reached out to me and congratulated us on our bravery. She said it was great to come out and it was all perfect. I appreciate that from the real Buffy. She knows about the backlash.”

Kaya Jones also offered her congratulations. The former Pussycat Doll has been fighting for Trump and fighting against liberal lunacy about as well as anyone out there in recent years. But Swanson and Jones are not the majority in Tinseltown. “Some are still so afraid,” Soriano said. “In Beverly Hills, there’s an underground movement. It’s a secret society of conservatives.”

“It feels like we’re Jews in Nazi Germany,” Rebel said. “It’s stupid. It’s so stupid. They hate that we’re normalizing Trump and making pop art. The jacket is a work of art. They turn the jacket into weird hate. They need shrinks. They need to get shrinks. He’s the President of the United States. Sixty plus million people voted for him. If you don’t like him, vote another way. Who cares? Why is it such a big deal? If you’re angry then go to the booth or campaign or run. Don’t get in my face over my freedom to support who I want to support.”

Many citizens have reached out to Rebel since Grammy night, thanking him for inspiring them. “I wore the jacket because I want people to come out of the (Trump) closet,” Rebel said. “People feel like gay men. They want to come out of the Trump closet, but it’s scary for so many. They fear for their safety.”

To a young gay person who supports President Trump, Rebel would offer this advice: “Donald Trump held up a gay flag during one of his speeches. Clinton and Obama were against gay marriage for a very long time to get votes. Trump never says disparaging things about gays. He’s appointed gays. He’s hired gays. There are many gays out there thanking me. They like Trump, but keep quiet. I’m fighting for gays too. All Americans. We’re fighting for freedom of expression. You can’t give up the fight.”

For patriots like Soriano and Rebel the fight continues. I wouldn’t bet against them. After all, they fight like Trump.


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