‘This Is Incorrect’: Dana Loesch HAMMERS DiFi Over Universal Background Checks

Dana Loesch, the spokeswoman for the Nation Rifle Association, has heard about enough of the false talking points Democrat lawmakers are pushing on the new universal background checks bill that recently passed the House.

Loesch went right after top Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who tweeted: “This week the House will vote to expand background checks to all gun purchases. Many who are legally barred from owning guns skip background checks by buying at gun shows or online. this is an easy bill to close a loophole and the Senate should pass it too.”

Is anyone actually against background checks? Even Second Amendment supporters and pro-gun enthusiasts want background checks. But, DiFi’s tweet is way off, Loesch said in a series of tweets.

“This is incorrect,” she tweeted. “All of this falls under federal regulation and purchases through Internet still go through FFL for pickup.”


“A criminal act is not a ‘loophole,'” Loesch added. “You do a disservice to your constituents by misleading them on gun law.”

It’s easy for lawmakers like Feinstein to say all this anti-gun jargon without citing any facts—an unfortunately frequent occurrence in Washington. But Loesch comes from many years of knowing and supporting the Second Amendment—as do many lawful gun owners—and came ready with facts.

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“I’ve purchased firearms both online & at gun shows & every single time have undergone a background check either with FFL on site (if in my state) or through my FFL at home if out of state. Furthermore, evidence shows legal private transfers are NOT what is contributing to crime,” Loesch tweeted.

“Every aspect of firearm ownership, purchase, carry, and transfer is federally regulated,” she added. “To assert otherwise is irresponsibly misleading and you’d be right to question the motive of those who falsely state otherwise.”

“It’s amazing how in this age of information so many lawmakers’ Googles are broken,” Loesch concluded.

Several other people online similarly jumped in on Feinstein’s false claim:



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