Report: Ohio Lake Has More Protections Than The Unborn In The U.S.

This is a dark chapter of American politics for the unborn as lawmakers across the country are considering proposals to make it legal to kill an unborn child up until the final moments of a pregnancy. A post-birth abortion, or killing a child after it is birthed, was even seemingly endorsed by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

“The most basic human right — the right to life — is under constant attack from the left,” the Western Journal reports.

Somehow an unborn child’s life is now being less protected than a lake in Ohio, according to the Western Journal, as its citizenry rallied to give the lake its own “Bill of Rights.”

Citizens in Toledo recently passed a measure which would protect the lake’s right to “exist, flourish, and naturally evolve”—somehow unborn children in this country are not afforded that same guarantee.

From the Western Journal:

This isn’t the first time parts of nature have been given this level of protection.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit that helped to draft the legislation, proudly boasts of their previous accomplishments.

“It is in accord with the larger Rights of Nature movement and philosophy which, over the past decade, has resulted in Ecuador’s 2008 constitutional acknowledgment of the rights of Mother Nature; New Zealand’s 2014 granting legal personhood to the Te Urewera forest; and India’s courts ruling in 2017 that the Ganges and Yamuna rivers have rights to exist, thrive, and evolve,” the group said in a statement.

But while nature has been handed victory after victory, the unborn are suffering under the steady march of progressivism.

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Far from Hillary Clinton’s vision of abortion as a “safe, legal, and rare” procedure, abortion has become a common practice. The Centers for Disease Control found that for every 1,000 live births, 188 abortions are performed.

Abortion has become more accessible than ever, too — every state has at least one clinic that offers the procedure.

Despite massive advances in such a short time for this deplorable act (remember: Roe v Wade was decided in 1973), the political left is fighting harder than ever to strengthen the institution of abortion. Recently, legislation proposed in several states seeks to solidify the killing of an unborn baby.



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