HILARIOUS: See What Happens When 2 ‘Democrats’ Get Stuck On An Escalator

Former senior advisor to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Oliver McGee PhD resurfaced an old video on social media that depicts what it would look like if two people were on an escalator when it broke down.

Many people who have been in the situation or could imagine themselves in the situation would know what they would probably do: continue walking up the escalator to wherever their destination might be.

But, for the two people completely dependent on the system or someone else doing the work for them, the video parodies the two individuals reactions and leaves them stuck and not knowing what to do on the escalator.

In the parody video, the two individuals, a male and a female, ask one another if they have a cell phone. They do not, so they begin to scream aloud for someone, anyone to save them from their plight.

One mechanic finally shows up to rescue them and begins riding an escalator from a lower floor to the floor where they are stuck. But, then he gets stuck as well. Check it out:

Many people who responded to McGee appreciated the tongue-in-cheek humor:



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