HUGE: U.S. Sheriffs Enact Second Amendment Sanctuaries, To Protect Gun Owners From Confiscation

Counties in at least four states are looking to enact gun sanctuaries to protect Second Amendment advocates.

As Reuters reports, the push flies in the face of Democrats who have been defying federal law enforcement agencies on immigration. Liberal “sanctuary cities” prevent or disrupt federal law enforcement agencies from accessing their databases or honoring federal detainers.

As Democrats looked to defy President Trump and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, now these pro-gun sheriffs are choosing not to enforce new Democratic gun regulations.

Check it out:

A rapidly growing number of counties in at least four states are declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, refusing to enforce gun-control laws that they consider to be infringements on the U.S. constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Organizers of the pro-gun sanctuaries admit they took the idea from liberals who have created immigration sanctuaries across the United States where local officials defy the Trump administration’s efforts to enforce tougher immigration laws.

Now local conservatives are rebelling against majority Democratic rule in the states. Elected sheriffs and county commissioners say they might allow some people deemed to be threats under “red flag” laws to keep their firearms. In states where the legal age for gun ownership is raised to 21, authorities in some jurisdictions could refuse to confiscate guns from 18- to 20-year-olds.

According to the report, resistance efforts have sprung up in Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, and Illinois. Each of these has a Democratic governor and both of their state legislative chambers have Democratic majorities.

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“The sanctuary movement is exposing the rift between rural and urban America as much as the one between the Republican and Democratic parties, as small, conservative counties push back against statewide edicts passed by big-city politicians,” Reuters reports.

“If they want to have their own laws, that’s fine. Don’t shove them on us down here,” Effingham County, Illinois board member Dave Campbell said.

The effort is growing into other states as the defiant sheriffs are sharing effective strategies with one another and with new movements in other states, Reuters reports:

Backers of the sanctuary movement say they want to take it nationwide. Leaders in all four states where it has taken hold have formed a loose alliance, sometimes sharing strategies or texts of resolutions. They also say they are talking with like-minded activists in California, New York, Iowa and Idaho.

As it grows, the rebellion is setting up a potential clash between state and local officials.

In Washington, nearly 60 percent of the voters in November approved Initiative 1639, which raises the minimum age to purchase a semiautomatic rifle to 21, enhances background checks and increases the waiting period to buy such guns to 10 days.



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