National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told Fox News on Tuesday morning that the border patrol was expecting the arrival of more than 180,000 migrants by May.

“The Trump administration is preparing for nearly 180,000 migrants traveling as families to cross the southern border of the U.S. by May, continuing an already record-breaking year,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“According to an internal document reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, officials at U.S. Customs and Border Protection anticipate between 51,000 and 58,000 migrants traveling as families will either cross the border illegally or ask for asylum at a legal border crossing this month,” the report continued. “The agency projects that figure will reach as many as 70,000 in the month of April.”

“[E]verybody knows that they can continue to exploit our loopholes,” Judd said. “If you go back to 2017, when we had that exponential drop, everybody thought that if they crossed the border illegally, they would be held in custody, pending their deportation or asylum hearings. That’s not what happened.”

“The catch and release program continues and while that continued that will be the magnet that draws these individuals here that says all I have to do is break the law, there will be no consequence, and I will be let go pending a hearing that I do not have to show up to and I can disappear into what Obama coined the ‘shadows of society,'” he continued.

“This is a dream come true for organized crime and these criminal cartels. What they’re able to do is they are able to distract us, push these individuals across, take our resources out of the field and tie up our hands in order to create these gaps in the border so they could push some higher value targets such as these cocaine bust that you just saw in New Jersey.”

“If we do not get control of the border, we’re going to continue to see more fentanyl, more deaths in the United States.”

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“I know the government can stop this, it’s not rocket science,” Judd said. “All we have to do is put the resources on the border. we need to get behind those individuals that actually want to secure the border. If we did that we would actually do what needs to be done.”


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