As Goes Seattle, So Goes…

It’s not just our beautiful Emerald City succumbing to socialist policies resulting in blight and downtrodden city-dwellers. L.A. is remarkably different than it was just a few yrs ago, as is Portland and parts of Denver, San Diego, Minneapolis, Philly, Jersey City, D.C., etc. Hardworking Americans living in their beloved cities aren’t denying the growing blight, in fact some are working with the best of intentions to change their municipality’s trajectory, while others are leaving their hometowns for more “rural” environments where their input in governance is still effective.

Crumbling cities can thank leftist leaders who wrongly believing Sanctuary City status lifts up and protects the citizens they are to serve. Combine that with gerrymandering, questionable voter rolls, sketchy media coverage of decision-makers’ records and reputations, a portion of any population’s entitlement mentality… and it’s no wonder a city like Seattle falls fast.

KOMO News Special: Seattle is Dying

Large liberal cities dictating policy to the rest of their states (many that are predominantly conservative) will ramp up until residents realize their state and federal tax dollars are being spent inequitably, and that government mandates are not in accordance with the working class’ priorities.

The value in disconnected politicians in Seattle and other dominating cities is that they teach a great lesson. They’re illustrating a bigger picture for all Americans, which is to show why we need to keep the Electoral College in the Presidential election. Democrat candidates pushing to abolish the Electoral College know big city politics will absolutely rule the national election (to the detriment of the will of most Americans) which is another step in their desired fundamental transformation of America.

Our forefathers were brilliant and providential in providing representation from and for all parts of our Republic by crafting the Electoral College. In the name of justice they sought to avoid just a few select areas being able to dominate all the populous.

With that in mind, friends of Washington State would do well to speak up louder in support of communities outside the politically monopolizing area of Seattle before the outliers’ voices are totally silenced.

-Sarah Palin



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