Liberals Turn On Mueller, Accuse Him Of Poor Judgment, Unable To Find Trump Guilty Of Anything

Liberals who previously praised Special Counsel Robert Mueller have done a 180 and now are saying maybe he was not the man for the job—of course, they are only saying this because he did not give them their desired result.

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller was the darling of the liberal intelligentsia for the past two years, but as soon as he released his long-awaited report that ended up clearing President Trump of all charges that he colluded with Russia to sway the 2016 election, liberals turned on him,” a Daily Wire op-ed reports.

Mueller was the Chosen One.

But when he exonerated President Trump, he lost Democratic loyalty real quick.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said on ABC’s “This Week”  that Mueller’s decision not to interview Trump was a “mistake.”

“It was a mistake to rely on written responses by the president,” Schiff said, adding the interview should have been under oath. “That’s generally more what the lawyer has to say than what the individual has to say.”

Here’s more, from the Daily Wire:

MSNBC host Chris Matthews, the guy who always got a thrill up his leg whenever he saw former president Barack Obama, also thought Mueller must be kinda dumb.

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“Maybe he missed the boat here,” Matthews said of Mueller. “Why was there never an interrogation of this president? We were told for weeks by experts, ‘You cannot deal with an obstruction-of-justice charge or investigation without getting the motive.’ … How could they let Trump off the hook?”

Well, Chris, a few days ago you were singing the praises of the special counsel, now he’s “missing boats”?

Uber liberal Cenk Uygur, host of online news show The Young Turks, wasn’t going to let some stinkin’ report color his world. “Let me be clear, I CONCEDE NOTHING!” he wrote on Twitter. “If #MuellerReport didn’t look into Trump’s business ties with the Russians before the elections and didn’t look into his secret meetings with them after the election, then this is an epic debacle that looked into the exact wrong things.”

HBO talk show host Bill Maher, a vocal critic of President Trump, questioned whether Democrats at-large put “too much trust” in Mueller and his investigation.

“Did the Democrats put too much trust in the Mueller report?” Maher asked his panel, per the report. “Because I don’t need the Mueller report to know he’s a traitor. I have a TV.”

Chelsea Handler similarly took to Twitter and said: “I will admit my feelings for Mueller are conflicted now and my sexual attraction to him is in peril, but I still believe there is a lot more to come, and we must all march in the streets if we don’t see that report.”

Here’s even more from the Daily Wire:

The Washington Post detailed the back-biting in a piece headlined, “For Democrats, the Mueller report turns their politics upside down.”

Democrats put their faith in Mueller. Now they are questioning how and why he did what he did. Should he have forced the president to answer questions in person, rather than in writing? Why didn’t he make a judgment on obstruction, rather than turning it over to the attorney general to make perhaps the most important call of the investigation? Did he interpret his mandate too narrowly? The second-guessing, still at a low level, reflects the frustration among Democrats and opponents of the president who already had connected dots that Mueller found not conclusive.

Soon, the charges will emerge that Mueller, who was once appointed head of the FBI by George W. Bush, was in the bag for Trump all along. And of course, after the Mueller report was released, exonerating Trump of all those collusion allegations, Democrats simply moved on, joining together to collectively demand the full release of the report and all evidence gathered.


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