Trump Tells Dems To ‘Keep Going Forward’ With Green New Deal, But Offers 1 Bit Of Advice

President Trump wants Democratic lawmakers to keep talking about the Green New Deal, he told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo during an interview on Friday.

The Western Journal reports the legislative proposal, the president said, was “very easy to beat” and he encouraged Democrats to “keep going forward with it.”

“Now I don’t want to knock it too much right now because I really hope they keep going forward with it, frankly, because I think it’s going to be very easy to beat,” Trump said, via the report.

The president’s tongue-in-cheek comments about the climate change proposal aimed to reduce the human impact on the environment come amid several 2020 presidential candidates endorsing the plan.

“The Democrats actually are becoming a far left party; I mean, they’re becoming a radical party. You look at what they want to do with the Supreme Court. You look at what they want to do with the voting age. Where did that come all of a sudden? The voting age at 16 — they’re becoming radical. They are radicalized,” Trump also said.

The Western Journal reports Trump has frequently spoken against the plan which offers few details on how to pay for the enormous social and infrastructural changes it proposes.

The president did offer a bit of advice to people who oppose the plan: run against it.

Trump has said in the past that the Green New Deal is a bad deal for America, but a good one for anyone running against the plan’s supporters.

“I want them to embrace this plan. I want them to go and sell this plan. I just want to be the Republican that runs against them for that,” Trump said earlier this month in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference.

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“And it would force the destruction or renovation of virtually every existing structure in the United States. New York City would have to rip down buildings and rebuild them again. I don’t think so. This is the craziest plan,” he said.


The president later acknowledged that “nothing is more extreme than the Democrats’ plan to completely take over American energy and completely destroy America’s economy through their new $100 trillion Green New Deal.”

Trump also said that the Green New Deal was “described as a high school term paper written by a poor student — it’s true. It’s true. Who would believe it? It’s so — it’s so bad.”

But Trump briefly turned serious at CPAC when he spoke of the consequences the Green New Deal would have if it was ever adopted.

“The Green New Deal would completely abolish the American oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear power industries, of which we’re now the leader in the world,” he said.

Fox News reported in February that Democratic presidential candidates who are backing the Green New Deal include Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

“Harris, among the leading Democratic candidates in the 2020 race so far, has been an early backer of Ocasio-Cortez’s resolution to tackle climate change by radically transforming the country by rendering air travel obsolete, moving the U.S. to rely completely on renewable energy with net-zero emissions, and guaranteeing economic security even for people who are ‘unwilling” to work,'” Fox News reported at the time.


Booker is another 2020 candidate who immediately jumped on the Green New Deal without delving too much on the details, even though he also extensively relies on air travel.

His campaign records show that at least $300,000 were spent on air travel since 2013 by his campaign. He spent just about $11,000 on Amtrak – the Green New Deal’s preferred mode of transport.

Gillibrand, a New York Democrat and a close friend of Booker, is also backing the Green New Deal, despite being one of the worst offenders when it comes to air travel.

But Gillibrand has long been criticized for her extensive use of private jets. A Fox News review of public records reveal that Gillibrand’s campaign spent at least $439,000 on air charter company Zen Air between 2010 and 2017. In the last decade, her campaign also spent an additional $465,000 on non-charter flights.


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