Maxine Waters Says Trump ‘Got Into People’s Heads’ To ‘Indoctrinate’ Them On ‘No Collusion’

If you thought Democrats were going to accept the Mueller report then you haven’t been following Democrats over the past couple of years.

Not only are they not accepting the report but they have turned on Mueller after telling us how great he was over the past 2 years.

Maxine Waters’ reaction was one of the worst.

From The Daily Wire:

In an appearance on MSNBC with Joy Reid over the weekend, Waters declared that — despite the thousands of subpoenas and hundreds of search warrants issued by Mueller only to find no evidence of any collusion by any member of the Trump campaign — the report doesn’t put to rest “anything” about Trump-Russia collusion.

“You have Donald Trump supporters, including his former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, out there tweeting and essentially presuming that the president has been exonerated,” said Reid, a presumption that Attorney General Bill Barr’s summary of the report confirmed on Sunday.

“It’s a curious position to take since we don’t know what’s in the report,” said Reid. “But do you see colleagues on the other side of the aisle sort of declaring this whole thing at an end and wanting no further inquiry? I know that the House has something like 80 subpoenas still out.”

Waters responded by citing Trump’s ability to “get into people’s heads and indoctrinate” them.

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Nothing will be good enough for people like Maxine Waters.

They will always hate Trump. No matter what.



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