Trump, Jr. Gets Last Laugh on Michael Avenatti

Donald Trump, Jr got the last laugh on Michael Avenatti today.

Avenatti became known by trying to go after high profile targets and promote himself.

One of his frequent targets was Donald Trump, Jr. who Avenatti predicted would be indicted by Trump,Jr’s birthday in December of last year in the Russia collusion investigation.

Of course that didn’t turn out to be true.

On Sunday, the Mueller findings determined there had been no collusion by any of the Trump team with the Russians.

But on Monday, Michael Avenatti was arrested for an alleged $25 million extortion scheme in New York. Avenatti allegedly demanded Nike pay him off or he would release damaging information about the company. He had tweeted that he was going to expose a “major high school/college basketball scandal.”

Avenatti was also charged on Monday in California in a completely separate case with wire and bank fraud.

Trump, Jr had a little understandable glee at the news.

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