Smollett Hit with Devastating News, Is Likely to Face FEDERAL Charges

If you haven’t heard the news, prosecutors dropped the charges against Jussie Smollett.

The reason? We don’t really have one except for the fact Smollett was a rich liberal who had friends in high places.

It was a terrible day for the justice system when those charges were dropped.

However, he’s not out of the woods.

From Fox News:

Jussie Smollett may have had the criminal charges related to his alleged staged hate crime dropped, but the “Empire” star may still face both federal charges and civil lawsuits related to the scandal.

Los Angeles based criminal attorney Alaleh Kamran explained that Smollett may still face civil repercussions for allegedly filing a false police report.

“At this point, all that’s happened is the state is telling us they’re not going to prosecute him on criminal charges, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be civil lawsuits going both ways. Jussie can sue the complaining witnesses, the complaining witnesses can sue him,” Kamran told People on Tuesday. “I’m sure there will be lawsuits because there’s damages. Jussie’s career has been destroyed, his name and reputation has been dragged through the mud, I would be surprised if he does not pull some kind of civil action to, at the minimum, clear his name.”

The mayor of Chicago said he might be taking legal action against Smollett as well.

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This story isn’t over.

Hopefully, someone somewhere does the right thing and holds this guy accountable for the terrible thing he did.



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