Chicago Police Surrounded By Mob, Forced to Release Suspected Drug Dealer

While there’s been a lot of attention focused on Jussie Smollett’s case in Chicago, one of the things that the whole incident has done is expose some of the greater underlying issues in the system there.

One problem it revealed was the attitude of the “progressive prosecutor” who seemed to think that dropping the charges in such a case was a fine thing to do. And as the Chicago Police union noted, this isn’t the only case in which State’s Attorney’s office has seemed to go easy on suspects.

Such an attitude then tends to undercut the police and their ability to properly address crime.

That might have been part of the reason for another incident that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves in Chicago.

From Hot Air:

As the Chicago Tribune reported, on March 20th, two tactical police officers from the Chicago PD were in the process of arresting a suspected drug dealer on the city’s west side. After securing the suspect and confiscating a bundle of drugs as evidence, placing them in the patrol car, the officers were surrounded by a group of men who began to threaten them. At least one claimed to be armed and demanded the suspect be released or he would shoot the cops. Someone in the mob stole the drugs from the patrol car and fled, with one officer giving pursuit. The threatened violence surrounding the patrol car escalated and the cops wound up releasing the suspect and leaving the scene.

Yes, you read that correctly. A gang of young, potentially armed men forced two Chicago tactical police in the middle of an arrest to back down and release the suspected gang member. Chicago columnist John Kass is bringing national attention to the event and explaining why this is so much more than just a “local news story.”

So what does that mean to Kass? Criminals are not afraid of taking on and challenging the Chicago Police.

They know that the police will be hesitant to respond or to take defensive actions like firing their weapons because they will immediately come under attack from a variety of politicians and social activists if they do.

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Kass notes that this should be concerning to people. And yet it isn’t.

But this? Nothing.

I don’t see politicians convening blue ribbon panels of experts. I don’t see media bringing all the light they can bring to this…

The cops know they’re alone. That’s not a good prescription for what may come.

And the story isn’t even receiving any coverage, after a mob of criminals threatened to kill cops and sprang a suspected dealer.

One of the oldest assumptions in our system of American law enforcement is currently being tested. It’s long been understood that the police can only maintain order as long as the vast majority of people are on their side, cooperating with the police and recognizing their authority. Civilians massively outnumber the police at every level and the cops could easily be defeated by an entire community if push came to shove. The cops are out there to deal with the exceptions to that rule… the hopefully small number of people who choose to live outside the law, and the criminals have good reason to fear law enforcement.

If that societal presumption is failing, that’s very bad news for the future.