It’s On: Elizabeth Warren Says She Believes Biden Accuser

At least one of the 2020 Presidential candidates is making a comment about the allegations of inappropriate touching/kissing lodged by a former Democratic lawmaker against the former Vice President Joe Biden who is also expected to be a candidate for 2020.

Media questioned some of the 2020 candidates who were in Iowa. Some said they hadn’t heard the news.

But Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) dared to weigh in.

Warren, who has been trailing in polls behind Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), said that she had read the story from the former lawmaker, Lucy Flores, believes her and that Biden “needs to give an answer” about the allegation. Asked if he should run, she said, “That’s for Joe Biden to decide.”

She apparently hadn’t heard that Biden had given an answer, that he didn’t recall the incident but that essentially he was glad she could share her story.

So one would think that Democrats would cheer Warren’s response, right?

Believe all women?

Not so much. In fact, many were furious at her for daring to comment.

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And what it’s all about? Winning, not whether or not he did anything inappropriate.

They don’t want her knocking a candidate they think might have a chance to beat President Donald Trump.

So much for believe all women.

HT: Twitchy