Watch: Students Are All For Socialism — Until They’re Asked to Share Their GPA

Socialism has been on the rise among millennials and Gen Z.

In part it seems because those generations haven’t really known the horrors of the far left ideology that the older generations have known.

According to Business Insider, 31 percent of millennials identified as a democratic socialist or a socialist.

So when Campus Reform went to Florida International University to talk to students about socialism, it wasn’t surprising to people who were socialists.

When Campus Reform asked what they thought about socialism, they saw it through rose-colored glasses.

From Conservative Tribune:

“Like, I have family in Europe, they go to college for free, their health care is paid for, they don’t have to worry about it at all,” one individual told Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips.

“Socialism is more geared toward helping people in your — you know, the governed,” another said.

It helps people out, who couldn’t be for that?

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So Campus Reform asked those student socialists if they’d put their ideology into practice with the one thing that they could give away, their grades. Surely, they’d want to help out those less fortunate than they were in the grade department?

“No,” one said, “What about the ones who aren’t really working hard for your grades?”

“There would be no point to having a GPA, then,” another said. “Is it fair for everyone to have the same outcome or the same opportunity?”

“I’m all for helping; I wouldn’t give some of my points,” a student said. “I’ve lost a lot of sleep, I don’t know if I would be fair.”

Suddenly they weren’t for sharing.

It’s almost like they don’t want equality of outcome. But I thought that’s what they were supporting. After all, if they don’t support it in school, what’s going to happen when they get out into the economy? For socialism to work, they would have to give away substantial sums of income to those who don’t work hard to get where they are — unless, of course, they plan on taking those substantial sums from others in exchange for not working.

That’s the hook of the new socialism. Everyone seems to assume they’re going to be the ones coming out on the winning end of things. They’re not going to be the ones doing the hard work but paying astronomical marginal tax rates. They’re going to be the ones who’ll be able to not work as hard thanks to the fact that there’s a soft, wide safety net for them to fall back upon.

If only it worked like that. Eventually, one of two things is going to happen: They’re going to become the ones on the losing end of the bet, or the system’s going to fail as there simply isn’t enough productivity because there isn’t enough incentive for it.

Older conservatives know that, some of these younger millennials haven’t learned that lesson yet.

They think that they will be the ones to make it all work. Because they believe and feel it so strongly. And they think they wouldn’t have to be the ones who give up anything, they’ll just get.

Hopefully, most of them will get sense, as their unwillingness to give up their hard-earned grades shows, and they’ll grow out of their socialism.