MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Utterly Humiliated After Her Own Team Fact-Checks Her on Live TV

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow has been having a tough time since word came in that the Special Counsel Robert Mueller had found that there was no collusion with Russia by anyone on the Trump team and that they weren’t going to be able to use it to get President Donald Trump out of office as they had been hoping.

Maddow’s whole show for the last two years has been built around the premise that collusion was real and that Mueller as their savior, was coming through with the report/investigation that would prove it.

When that didn’t come through, she and her audience were shell-shocked. And a lot of them showed it, by not tuning in to watch her show. Her ratings plummeted last week after they realized that they had been sold a bill of goods and weren’t getting what they wanted. She lost a half million viewers in the space of a week.

And personally, it looked like she was in tears as she tried to explain it to her audience last week.

Now, Maddow and others on the left are trying to spin what they can about the wait to get the Mueller report while Attorney General Barr is consulting with the Special Counsel as to what might need to be redacted. Reasons that things might be redacted? Reference to grand jury testimony which has to remain secret as well as any classified information which also has to be taken out. They have to walk through the whole report and make that judgement.

Maddow tried to claim that Barr by himself was making the redactions.

From Daily Caller:

“We have seen that, as a matter of course, in hundreds of court filings over the entire duration of the Mueller investigation, Mueller’s team made redactions specifically … to not compromise ongoing investigations and ongoing criminal cases all the time,” Maddow said Friday night. “This is a thing Mueller’s team does in its sleep.”

“It is hard to believe the newly-appointed 68-year-old Attorney General William Barr himself personally picked through the report to try to figure out what mentions in this 400-page report might pertain to open cases,” she continued. “It wouldn’t leave that to Barr to do that. Mueller would’ve done that. Mueller’s team would’ve done that as part of producing anything that they’ve handed over outside of their own offices.”

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What she didn’t seem to get (or wasn’t telling her audience) was that of course the Special Counsel’s team would be involved in the redactions. Of course they didn’t need to make any redactions yet when they turned it over to the Attorney General who would have the right to see it all as the head of the Justice Department and have the sufficient security clearance.

But as she was claiming that Barr was somehow doing it himself, her own team called that out as false. The chyron on her show indicated that Mueller’s team said, “Barr: Special Counsel Is Assisting With Redactions,” as Maddow said the exact opposite.




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