Pelosi Runs to Biden’s Defense, Says Allegations Don’t Disqualify Him from Being President, Claims He’s Just an ‘Affectionate Person’

WATCH: Biden responds to Lucy Flores’ inappropriate allegations

Everyone has known for years that Joe Biden is creepy and there are plenty of videos and pictures of him out there being very creepy with women and children. It’s been well documented. However, now that he’s probably running for president he’s forced members of his party to answer questions about those awkward moments.

Guess what they are saying? They are giving him a pass. They have no problem ruining the lives of conservatives based on one flimsy allegation from 30 years ago. But, when it comes to Joe Biden’s long track record of being inappropriate with women they are completely willing to circle the wagons. Nancy Pelosi is the latest example.

From Huffington Post:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she doesn’t believe the inappropriate touching allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden disqualify him from the presidency.

“I don’t think that this disqualifies him from being president,” Pelosi told reporters Monday on Capitol Hill when asked about the accusations. “Not at all.”

Pelosi said Tuesday that Biden is an “affectionate person,” but that he should accept that “people think differently about communication.”

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“To say, ‘I’m sorry that you were offended,’ is not an apology,” she told Politico. “I’m sorry I invaded your space, but not I’m sorry you were offended. … That’s not accepting the fact that people think differently about communication, whether it’s a handshake, a hug.”

There you have it. Joe Biden is just an “affectionate” guy.

We all know if that guy in the video was a Republican he’d be forced to resign immediately.

Biden has every right to run for president and if the people want him to be president then that’s how it goes. However, he also has to answer for his past behavior and Democrats are pretty pathetic to just give him a pass when they know full well they are doing it solely for partisan reasons.


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