MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski: It Would Be ‘Sad’ If Biden Stops Kissing, Hugging Me (Video)

Democrats everywhere have been rushing to Joe Biden’s defense even though there is overwhelming evidence that the guy is as creepy as the day is long. The pictures and videos of him kissing children, rubbing people, and saying cringe worthy things should be enough for Democrats to at least admit he’s done inappropriate things. Not only are they not willing to admit that but they are bending over backwards to defend his actions.

MSNBC’s Mika Brezinski is the latest example.

From Newsbusters:

Others might be grossed out by Joe Biden’s unwanted touching. But Mika Brzezinski has made it crystal clear that she wants to continue getting affection from good old Uncle Joe.

For the second day running on Morning Joe, Mika came to Biden’s defense over accusations of unwanted physical contact with women. Yesterday, Mika suggested that Lucy Flores had misconstrued Biden’s actions, and that he only wanted to be “kind.”

Brzezinski took things a step further on today’s show. She repeatedly said that the accusations against Biden are “ridiculous.” She then suggested it would be “sad” if the next time they met, Biden didn’t hug and kiss her and hold her hand.

These people just aren’t willing to admit that maybe Biden should tone it down. They are encouraging him. Mind boggling.

It is starting to look like Biden isn’t as strong of a candidate as we have been led to believe. He’s probably too moderate for today’s Democrats. But, if he does win the nomination, he’s going to have to answer for his previous behavior. So far, his team has been blaming the controversy on “right wing trolls”. That isn’t going to fly.

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