Whoops: CNN Host Admits There is a Border Crisis

How do you know the situation at the border has now reached critical mass?

Even CNN is being forced to concede there is, in fact, a border crisis, finally admitting things on air on Monday, saying there were more crossings in the last month than at any prior month in the last decade.

From Free Beacon:

Cuomo hosted his show, Cuomo Prime Time, from the U.S.-Mexico border in Hidalgo, Texas, where he talked about how U.S. immigration law was negatively affecting the role of border agents and forcing them to free apprehended illegal aliens into American communities.

“The numbers tell you the story. There are believed to be more crossings in just the last month here than any month in over a decade,” Cuomo said. “As I sad, here in Hidalgo, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, this is the hot spot. Right behind us is Mexico. It’s actually this weird area where Mexico is actually north of Texas, the way the land bends around. The authorities say they have never faced the combination of threats, challenges, and federal inaction that they are facing right now.”

Cuomo even surprisingly took a whack at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), noting, “It’s certainly not immoral to build barriers where they are needed.”

He did of course take a shot at President Donald Trump saying he should do more than cutting funds to the countries the illegal aliens are coming from, as though Trump hasn’t been trying all manner of things to shut down illegal immigration since he came to office despite being fought by the Democrats and in some instances, the courts. And it’s more than hypocritical to suggest that he’s not trying to do anything to address it.

Cuomo spoke to Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz who highlighted the crisis and explaining why not addressing the problems in the situation was creating more illegal immigration and ramping up the problem.

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“So it’s a domino effect: you can only keep them 20 days; you don’t have the resources to keep this many people anyway, so you’ve got to get rid of them; you’ve got to let them go. That gets perceived as weakness. Now you’re doing catch-and-release again,” Cuomo said. “That feeds the chance that, ‘We [i.e. migrants] should come [to the US] because we have a good chance of getting through the system because they’re overwhelmed.’ And it just keeps going.”

“We’re at double our capacity right now. I don’t have enough medics. I don’t have enough Border Patrol agents to ensure that these folks are getting processed within the 48 hours that we should be processing them. We’re having to keep people in custody longer,” Ortiz said. “Our agents are getting assaulted, potentially could be a liability or even one of the individuals in custody could be assaulted. And detention facilities are overcrowded.”

This is a change from January when CNN tried to pitch that there was no crisis, with Jim Acosta going to the border and claiming he didn’t see anything that qualified as a “national emergency.”