Teacher Fired Over Topless Photo, Threatens Federal Lawsuit, Accuses School of ‘Gender Discrimination’

WATCH: Teacher fired over topless selfie plans to sue school district

It’s been pretty troubling to see so many teachers get caught doing inappropriate things with students and doing inappropriate things in general over the past few years. It seems like we rarely heard stories like this 10 years ago. Now, it seems like it happens every week.

Here’s the latest example. From Fox News:

A middle school teacher in one of New York City’s Long Island suburbs claims she was fired last week for an old topless selfie and is now threatening to sue her former school district for gender discrimination.

Lauren Miranda, 25, a former math teacher at Bellport Middle School, took a topless selfie in 2016 and sent it to her then-boyfriend, who also works at the school, Miranda’s attorney, John Ray, said during a news conference Monday. In January, a student somehow obtained the selfie, and the image circulated through the school, Ray said.

No idea how the student got the picture? Really? No idea? Seems like a stretch.

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How many times did you accidentally end up with a picture from your teacher’s cell phone when you were in school?

You have to imagine this case gets thrown out but who knows these days.



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