Scalise Moves to Force House Vote on Infanticide Bill, Wants Members on the Record

WATCH: Rep. Steve Scalise Urges Support of a Discharge Petition to End Infanticide

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise wants to continue the efforts of Republican Senator Ben Sasse in getting lawmakers on the record on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

Scalise proposed taking up a vote on the bill in the House, as Sasse did in the Senate, to see if Washington lawmakers believed whether or not a baby that survived a botched abortion attempt should be given medical treatment like any other baby born alive would be given. Or, should the child be left to die?

The seemingly easy-answer has stirred national debate after two Democratic governors both sided with the mother’s decision to determine the fate of the child after a failed abortion attempt (or a successful birth).

So Sasse wanted his colleagues to go on the record and, now, Scalise has introduced the bill in the House, Twitchy reports.

“It shouldn’t have been hard, but it was for Democrats; they blocked the legislation in the Senate,” Twitchy adds.

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Scalise’s effort was promoted by several of his Republican colleagues on Twitter. Check it out:

Some other people online encouraged Scalise in his efforts:


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