Ilhan Omar Wants Trump to Help Free Leader of Terrorist Organization Muslim Brotherhood

WATCH: Ilhan Omar statement slams herself with contradiction

Ilhan Omar has established herself as one of the more radical Democrats in Washington. She’s made some pretty wild claims about Israel and while obviously no country is exempt from criticism it’s clear she doesn’t have the best intentions and it was pretty pathetic watching Democrats refuse to admit she needs to tone it down.

Omar clearly has a soft spot in her heart for radical Muslim extremists. If you don’t believe that then check out who she wants Trump to pardon.

Guess what happens when you Google that name? You learn she’s part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Omar is asking President Trump to pardon a terrorist.

She obviously knows he isn’t going to do that.

Ilhan got some bad news this week. It looks like she might be in trouble for illegally spending campaign funds.

From Fox News:

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., will soon learn the conclusions of an investigation into allegations that she violated campaign spending laws during her time as a state lawmaker — including accusations that she used campaign money to pay for her divorce attorney and personal travel.

The culmination of the state probe is just the latest potential controversy for Omar, an embattled freshman in Congress who has repeatedly faced criticism for comments about Israel and U.S. foreign policy.

In the state case, Minnesota state Rep. Steve Drazkowski, a Republican, alleged that Omar spent around $6,000 in campaign money on her divorce attorney and travels to Estonia and Boston, Sinclair reported.

Maybe pardoning terrorists isn’t the best way for her to spend her time right now?


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