Utah Mom Faces Charges For Giving Teens Birthday Party Lap Dances

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It’s 2019 and things have gotten pretty weird in this country.

A recent story out of Utah sums that idea up pretty well.

Apparently, a Utah mother is in trouble for giving teenagers lap dances at a birthday party.

Yes. You read that right.

From The Daily Caller:

A Utah mom is facing multiple charges after allegedly giving lap dances and alcohol to a bunch of teenagers at a birthday party in February.

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Rhianna Renae Nivens, 40, reportedly partied with the teens aged between 14 and 17 years old at her house in Harrisville, Utah. At least 12 minors were present, one of whom was her son, ABC 4 reported Tuesday.

Court documents said Nivens went upstairs at one point and “Put on a risqué outfit which they [minors] described as red and black lingerie which exposed the defendant’s breasts, buttocks and vagina,” according to KUTV.

Police said Nivens gave lap dances to several of the teens and danced sexually for about 10 minutes. At least one of the minors recorded the alleged incident, according to ABC 4.

She also reportedly knew about the teenagers drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, even having a drink with the kids, KUTV reported.


That’s not something you see every day especially in Utah.

Obviously, this mother has no business being around teenagers and if she did break the law then she should face whatever the consequences are.



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