Pro-Trump Group Releases Devastating Minute-Long Video Ad of Biden

Joe Biden doesn’t seem to be quite as strong of a candidate as Democrats have been saying he is. He isn’t even the race yet and already the #MeToo crowd is after him. Hard to blame them. For years and years he has been featured in video and pictures doing some very creepy things.

He’s tried to address the creepiness but he hasn’t done a great job. The media and his friends in Congress have tried to downplay it but they haven’t done a good job.

Is Joe Biden really the future of the Democratic Party?

Probably not.

Especially not if the GOP keeps putting together killer ads like this one…

From The Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, a pro-Trump super PAC dropped an ad that takes aim at former Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged inappropriate touching of women and girls. Biden, who has yet to declare a suspected 2020 presidential run, has been plagued over the past couple weeks by heightened scrutiny over such questionable interactions, particularly in light of four women coming forward to express their discomfort in encounters with Mr. Biden.

The Great America PAC, according to The Hill, dumped six figures into the ad titled “Creepy Joe.” The minute-long video showcases children watching a television screen of Biden accuser former state Sen. Lucy Flores (D-NV) explaining the “mortifying” interaction she had with the then-vice president during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. As the audio of the interview continues, the ad cuts to images of Mr. Biden touching young girls’ faces, arms, and shoulders, and pressing his face up against them and kissing their head.

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Pretty solid ad right there.


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