Alyssa Milano Blows a Gasket When Local Lawmaker Confronts Her About Pathetic Boycott, Angrily Cries ‘My Uterus!’

WATCH: The reaction of Stephanie Ruhle to the ‘cult-like force’ comment by Milano says it all

Actress Alyssa Milano and around 30 other Georgia-based TV and film workers have been trying to get Gov. Brian Kemp to veto the heartbeat abortion bill in Georgia.

Milano is filming a Netflix comedy in Atlanta and she delivered a letter to Kemp about the bill on Tuesday before making a public statement against it.

The bill would prohibit an abortion after a heartbeat is discernible except in cases of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother is in danger.

But Milano, who lives in California, was met by Georgia state Rep. Dominic La Riccia outside Kemp’s office.

He asked her what district did she live in in Georgia, clearly calling her out for not even living and voting in the state but wanting to dictate to its people.

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She was forced to admit that while she’s temporarily working there, she doesn’t live there and doesn’t vote in Georgia.

She tried to suggest she was speaking for the “90,000” people in Georgia that she claimed the entertainment industry employs in Georgia which of course she does not.

She then pointed at La Riccia to the media saying, “These are the men voting on what goes on inside my uterus.”

And a woman holding a camera says, “Yay, Alyssa” then tells La Riccia incongruously “The Koch brothers don’t live her either.”

But the Georgia people who voted for La Riccia and the other representatives do and they’re the ones who get determine what goes on in Georgia, not Alyssa Milano, as La Riccia accurately pointed out.

From Fox News:

The legislation was approved last week and is backed by Kemp, who told the Journal-Constitution he won’t be swayed by Milano’s arguments against the proposal.

“I can’t govern because I’m worried about what someone in Hollywood thinks about me,” Kemp told the newspaper. “I ran the last two years on these issues, and I got elected with the largest number of votes in the history of the state of Georgia, and I’m doing what I told people I would do.”

Before it passed last week, film and crew members sent letters to production companies HBO, Sony, Disney, Universal, Marvel and Netflix, urging them to publicly oppose the bill. Georgia has become a major hub for the film industry because of its generous tax credits.

The state was home to 455 productions last fiscal year, generating $9.5 billion in economic impact and $2.7 billion in direct spending, the paper reported.