DELUSIONAL: Watch Democrat Stacey Abrams Claim She Won Her Election (Which She Lost by Nearly 55,000 Votes)

WATCH: Stacey Abrams talks about Identity Politics

Reports surfaced recently that claimed Joe Biden is strongly considering making Stacey Abrams his running mate if he runs for president.

The obvious question is why?

What has Stacey Abrams done to warrant that kind of confidence?

The people of her own state didn’t want her to be governor. But, don’t tell her that. She thinks she won the race.

From The Daily Wire:

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Failed Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams falsely claimed on Wednesday that she won the race for governor last year against Republican Brian Kemp.

“We had this little election back in 2018,” Abrams said while speaking at the National Action Network. “And despite the final tally and the inauguration and the situation we find ourselves in, I do have very affirmative statement to make: We won.”

Kemp beat Abrams by 54,723 votes.

Remember when the mainstream media was freaking out in 2016 about whether or not Trump would accept the results of the election when he lost?

They don’t seem to be saying the same thing about Stacey.


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