Rep. Ilhan Omar: Trump Is Lying About The Border In Order To Promote Racism

WATCH: Listen to what Ilhan Omar demands of President Trump

Democrats will do whatever it takes to make sure our border stays wide open. To be fair, many of the Republicans in Washington support open borders as well because their corporate donors benefit from it. Trump is basically fighting against both parties in Washington on behalf of the American people.

Democrats have come up with all sorts of strange reasons why we shouldn’t secure our border despite the fact that most of them claimed they supported a wall in the past. The most popular excuse to screw over the American worker and put Americans in danger is because walls are “racist”.

Dem. Rep. Ilhan Omar came at Trump recently and said that there is no emergency at our border and the only reason Trump is saying that is because he’s a racist.

From Right Scoop:

The border is overflowing these days with migrants and even CNN is finally covering it.

Over and over we hear from officials at the border that the crisis at the border is perhaps the worst it’s ever been, that they are at a breaking point.

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Obama’s former DHS secretary also agrees that the border patrol are completely overwhelmed.

Yet anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar still accuses Trump of lying about the emergency at the border.

Obviously, we all understand by now that only people who have no argument start throwing around the race card.

The Democrats are the ones injecting race into this. Illegal immigration is against the law no matter where you come from and there is no disputing the data that illegal immigration hurts the American worker and puts Americans in danger.

Non-citizens commit a disproportionate amount of federal crimes. That’s just a fact. Does Ilhan Omar not care about that? Apparently not.


  1. Along with every little thing that appears to be building within this particular area, many of your opinions are generally fairly radical. Nevertheless, I am sorry, but I do not subscribe to your whole strategy, all be it radical none the less. It looks to everyone that your remarks are generally not completely rationalized and in simple fact you are your self not even entirely convinced of the argument. In any case I did enjoy looking at it.


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