ACLU ‘Fact-Check’ Claims Trans Athletes Hurt Nobody, Quickly Get Brutal Reality Check

WATCH: Tucker Carlson on point with transgender athletes

Five or ten years ago it was common sense that men shouldn’t compete in the same sporting events as girls especially in high school. That’s not sexist. It’s just a basic understanding of science and the very obvious differences between boys and girls.

In 2019, things have been turned completely upside down and you are now a bigot if you don’t like the idea of a male winning the women’s cycling championship.

The ACLU is on board with this strange new trend.


It gets worse.

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That’s simply not true. Obviously, girls who work hard and train their whole lives are being hurt when men show up and beat them in competition.

The ACLU used to be an important organization that fought for what’s right.

Those days are long gone.