Rob Reiner Defends Joe Biden, Tells #MeToo Movement To Move On

At least eight women have come forward with allegations that former vice president Joe Biden made them feel uncomfortable when he touched them, sniffed them, or otherwise invaded their personal space.

The mounting allegations may have the former veep, who has yet to officially declare his presidential bid, reconsider how to move forward with a prospective campaign. Biden is widely considered to be a frontrunner in the election and some people are still backing him amid the allegations. From Twitchy:

We’ve already seen #MeToo champion Alyssa Milano flush all her credibility with that group by vouching for Joe Biden and saying it’s his intent that matters, not how the women he groped and sniffed and kissed felt. And now it looks like Reiner’s taking that same tack — that non-apology video Biden put out must have been more powerful than we realized.

Reiner took to Twitter on Friday to explain that people concerned with the allegations against Biden need to “move on.”

“Unwanted sexual advances is a needed subject of national conversation,” Reiner tweeted. “I submit you can’t punish both murder & jaywalking with a death sentence. Joe Biden has addressed the issue of personal space discomfort. Time to move on & focus on #1 priority. 86 The Liar!”

Here’s how some people responded to the tweet:


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