Trump Declares ‘Country Is Full’, Says US Can No Longer Accept Illegal Immigrants

President Trump told anticipating and prospective migrants seeking to enter the United States that there are no further vacancies and that they shouldn’t even try to enter.

“Our country is full. Our area is full. The sector is full,” Trump said during a meeting at the border with local law enforcement and military officers, via the Washington Examiner.

“Can’t take you anymore. I’m sorry,” he added, clarifying that the U.S. was at-capacity even for migrants seeking legal entry and asylum. “Can’t happen. So turn around. That’s the way it is.”

As the Washinton Examiner reports, the president visited the area between California and Mexico “as part of a push to put border security at the heart of his 2020 reelection campaign.”

Here’s more from the Washington Examiner:

He also left open the prospect of closing the border with Mexico if the crisis continued, despite suggesting a day earlier that it was unlikely to occur.

“I’m totally willing to close the border, but Mexico the last four days have done more than they have ever done,” he said.

His visit will include touring a section of recently rebuilt fencing that he believes will halt a surge in migrant families coming to the U.S.

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At the same time, the White House published data reflecting the uptick in border crossings. It revealed U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers were called into action more than 100,000 times in March, the highest monthly number in more than a decade, it said.

President Trump reiterated his immigration push on Twitter in a pair of tweets where he said apprehensions at the southern border were at an all-time high.

“More apprehensions (captures) at the Southern Border than in many years,” he tweeted. “Border Patrol amazing! Country is FULL! System has been broken for many years. Democrats in Congress must agree to fix loopholes – No Open Borders (Crimes & Drugs). Will Close Southern Border If necessary…”

Trump continued: “Mexico must apprehend all illegals and not let them make the long march up to the United States, or we will have no other choice than to Close the Border and/or institute Tariffs. Our Country is FULL!”

“There’s never been so many people coming up and that’s because they’re gaming the system and the system is changed for the worse because of what happened with Democrats and what they’ve done in terms of Congress,” Trump said via Fox News.


“No, we’re witnessing people that are going to be brought out of the country, the country is full,” Trump told Fox News’ Griff Jenkins after being asked whether the second generation of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is forming amid new immigrant arrivals, many accompanied by children.

“We have our system full. We can’t do it anymore,” Trump continued, slamming the 1997 Flores settlement as “a horror show” for forcing the government to release migrant minors from detention after 20 days.

“We go by this horrible Flores situation. You know that decision is a horror show. We have to release after 20 days and we build big detention areas but they fill up immediately,” he said.

Trump recently accepted the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who he reportedly is holding responsible for worsening immigration figures, ABC News reports.

The resignation came with Trump naming Kevin McAleenan, the current U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, to be the Acting DHS Secretary. Should Trump decide to formally nominate McAleenan to the post, it would require a Senate confirmation.


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