Dems Losing Everywhere: Mnuchin Refuses Release of Trump’s Taxes, Says It’s a No-Go, Defies Dems’ Demands

After losing the Russia witch hunt, Democrats have now been pushing for a new witch hunt, the effort to get President Donald Trump’s taxes.

But U.S. Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin shut them down, saying he wasn’t ready to comply with their requests.

From Conservative Tribune:

On April 3, Neal requested the tax returns and several other tax-related documents by April 10, but Mnuchin denied Neal’s request.

“The Committee requests the materials by April 10, but the Treasury Department will not be able to complete its review of your request by that date,” Mnuchin said.

Mnuchin blasted their effort, calling it politically motivated.

The treasury secretary cited statements from the previous Republican-controlled Committee on Ways and Means, which said that such a request is an “abuse of authority” and “sets a dangerous precedent by targeting a single individual’s confidential tax returns and associated financial documents for disclosure.”

Mnuchin’s letter also highlighted some of the dangerous implications from the Democrats’ request.

“The legal implications of this request could affect protections for all American against politically-motivated disclosures of personal tax information, regardless of which party is in power,” Mnuchin wrote.

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Exactly right.

The only reason that the House Ways and Means Committee has the right to ask is for a legitimate legislative purpose. Trying to root through financial information to see if you can get your opponent with something isn’t a legitimate legislative purpose.

It isn’t about Trump. If you start down this path, then it can be open season on any American if this is allowed. America already saw how dangerous and harmful that can be under the Obama administration when the IRS targeted conservatives.

And if there had been anything actually improper or illegal in there, then the IRS would have already gone after him. They haven’t.

Good on Mnuchin for standing up to this improper request. It’s time to stand up to the witch hunts and stop Democrats from doing things like this.

“Given the seriousness of these issues, which bear no connection to ordinary tax administration, we have begun consultations with the Department of Justice to ensure that our response is fully consistent with the law and Constitution,” Mnuchin said.