WaPo Op-Ed Swipes Trump For Doing Nothing To Stop Russian Hacking Attempts, Forgets Obama Was Pres

Liberals cannot seem to pin anything criminal to President Trump.

First, it was a false real estate deal. Then, it was collusion. Then, it was obstructing justice. Now, the Left is blaming Trump for not doing anything to stop Russian hacking efforts in the 2016 presidential election.

Check it out via a Washington Post op-ed written by Walter Dellinger, former head of the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department, and Samantha Goldstein, a Washington attorney:

In the face of an unprecedented attack on American democracy by a hostile foreign power, Donald Trump and those who worked for him both as a candidate and a president failed to defend the United States. For this alone, he is unfit to hold office.

That is the inevitable conclusion from the Mueller report’s account of how Trump and his campaign knew of, benefited from, welcomed and did nothing to stop the Russian assault.

Because he was the president then… right?

Here’s more:

The absence of criminal indictments on the matter of cooperation with the Russians, however, does not diminish the gravity and shamefulness of Trump’s failure to confront this military assault. First of all, it is a mistake to assume that conduct that is not a violation of the federal criminal code is less reprehensible than conduct that is criminal. There is no provision of U.S. law, for example, that makes it a federal crime for a president to refuse to defend the United States against foreign attack. But such a refusal surely is deplorable.

When it comes to violations of the criminal code, Mueller set a high bar for indicting any Americans for “collusion” with the Russian attack. To indict Americans, Mueller states, it would be necessary to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that those people coordinated with the Russians, with “coordination” in turn requiring an actual agreement (tacit or explicit) between campaign associates and Russian operatives.

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This high bar is appropriate; we should think carefully before deploying the criminal law against political candidates and their campaign officials. But what Mueller finds in his report is activity by the Trump campaign that was incompatible with true allegiance to the United States and its democratic system of government. 

Several people on Twitter ripped the op-ed for the blatant disregard that Barack Obama was the U.S. president at the time and refused to interfere with the Russian hacking efforts. Obama was not named once in the op-ed.

Check out these responses, from Twitchy:



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