‘Deeply Disappointed’: Anita Hill Demands Biden Apologize to America

Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign is already off to an incredibly rocky start as his apology to Anita Hill has seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

As the Washington Examiner reports, Biden called Hill earlier this month at which point he expressed regret for “what she endured” during her testimony against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Hill has brought forth allegations of sexual misconduct against Thomas.

Hill said she was not willing to accept the apology without seeing visible changes in Biden’s actions.

“I cannot be satisfied by simply saying I’m sorry for what happened to you. I will be satisfied when I know there is real change and real accountability and real purpose,” Hill said, as the Washington Examiner reports.

“The focus on apology to me is one thing,” she continued. “But he needs to give an apology to the other women and to the American public because we know now how deeply disappointed Americans around the country were about what they saw. And not just women. There are women and men now who have just really lost confidence in our government to respond to the problem of gender violence.”

Here’s more, from the Washington Examiner:

Hill, who testified to Congress in 1991 that Thomas had sexually harassed her, said she would not consider supporting Biden, who was then chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, until he accepts responsibility for the questioning she endured while testifying.

She also said recent allegations of Biden inappropriately touching women were troubling.

Biden said in January he thought Hill deserved an apology, but the two apparently did not speak until earlier this month, before Biden declared his candidacy.

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“They had a private discussion where he shared with her directly his regret for what she endured and his admiration for everything she has done to change the culture around sexual harassment in this country,” said Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager.

Biden’s campaign is also facing scrutiny for not contacting Heather Heyer’s mother ahead of using her daughter’s death to announce his presidential bid.

“Without prior warning to her family, Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign launch video included footage of the 2017 death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia,” BizPac Review reports.

The decision seems to defy common courtesy, the report adds, as the attacks in Charlottesville and Trump’s response were said to be influencing factors for Biden to run for the presidency.

Bro said she “was not surprised” that Biden invoked her daughter for political gain.

“But I wasn’t surprised,” Heyer’s mother said to The Daily Beast. “Most people do that sort of thing. They capitalize on whatever situation is handy. He didn’t reach out to me, and didn’t mention her by name specifically, and he probably knew we don’t endorse candidates.”


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