Rep. Eric Swalwell Looks to Make Political Point On Constitution, Backfires Big Time

Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell looked to test the constitutional knowledge of his supporters in a Tuesday evening tweet, but it appears that he was the one schooled on the subject.

Taking to Twitter, Swalwell said he wants to know if you know how many times the word “woman” is included in the United States Constitution.

His point? If our country loyally follows the Constitution, then it should include women. They “must be equally represented and equally protected,” he wrote in the tweet. Check it out:

His pandering to women, however, only proves he—as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives—has not read the Constitution that he has sworn to “support and defend.” If he had read it, then he would know the Constitution does not use the word “man” either—something some people online quickly pointed out.

Twitchy reports:

On this particular fact, Eric is correct. However, there is one detail to completely send the impaired Congressman down a ravine of inconsequentiality.

Well then by the looks of things if “Man” is not mentioned at all, then that means women are represented equally after all. So I guess there is no need to push for the ERA passage — and therefore no need for Swalwell, for that matter. Well done Congressman, you have just invalidated yourself!

Here’s how some people responded:


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