‘Next Level Idiocy’: People Rip Chris Hayes Crazy Obama Conspiracy

The mainstream media is full of political pundits who have pushed their fair share of anti-Trump news or propaganda and that pattern is likely to continue throughout his administration.

As President Trump continues to make America great again, reeling in companies from overseas and creating 5.4 million jobs in the United States, these pundits continue to peddle their own theories and conspiracies for why the country is doing so well.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes theorized that the country is doing so well now, under Trump, because all of these companies were in cahoots not to succeed under former President Obama.

“Chris Hayes unveiled a new conspiracy theory last night that accused Republicans, business owners and economists of purposely tanking the economy under President Obama,” Twitchy reports.

Check it out:

Here’s how some people responded to the theory:



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