Jesse Watters Drags Biden: ‘You Ripped-Off Trump’s Motto…Only 600 People Showed Up’

Joe Biden may be the front-runner of a 20+ candidate pool seeking the Democratic nomination to take on President Trump, but his late entry into the race and some missteps early may be costing him, Fox News’ Jesse Watters said during a segment on Saturday.

“Make America moral again, make America return to the essence of who we are,” the former vice president recently shared as his new campaign motto.

“That is your motto? You ripped off Trump’s motto and changed a word, make America moral again? Make America the essence of what we are? It doesn’t even fit on a bumper sticker,” the Fox News host quipped.

Here’s more form Watters’ show, via BizPac Review:

Watters sliced and diced the Biden campaign with nothing more than a few video clips of Biden himself, showing him to be a man who does not belong on the national stage.

In a 2015 interview, Biden was asked, “Will you ever run for political office again?”

“No. No,” he replied.

“Joe Biden. Typical politician. Of course, Biden went back on his word like all politicians do,” said Watters.

“He’s running for 2020. But in his first major campaign event only 600 people showed up,” said Watters.

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He showed side-by-side images of Biden’s rally audience and President Trump’s rally the same week. “Six hundred in the (Biden) audience. Seems generous by the way. The President broke the attendance record in Green Bay last week …  around 12,000 full capacity … people waiting outside around the block. No one is driving hours and hours to hear Joe Biden speak. Here’s why … the man can barely string a sentence together.”

After comparing Biden’s 600-person draw to Trump’s 12,000 thunderous attendance, Watters criticized Biden’s speech. He noted at several points of the speech, Biden struggles to finish his words or thoughts in a coherent manner.

“Now, not what you call polished performance,” Watters said alongside a montage of segments from the speech. “This is the guy that’s going to beat Donald Trump? Even the audience was bored. Check out the little guy in the back. Look at him yawning … (he can) barely make it through the speech. That’s why the president nicknamed him sleepy Joe.”

Check it out:


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